Pi Pizzeria was started with the intention of preserving old, classic Neapolitan recipes while imparting our own twist to make it authentically “Pi Pizza.” In Naples, every pizzeria is slightly different – each adding its own flourish of tradition and personality. So is the case with Pi Pizzeria, making it authentically Italian

Our humble beginnings began in 2001 in the back of a wine and cheese shop on Nantucket Island. From there, Evan Marley’s dream of owning his own pizzeria became a reality in 2006. Pi Pizzeria, located at 11 West Creek Road, Nantucket, not only serves his authentic wood-fired, thin crust Neapolitan pizza, but also offers classic Italian-American cuisine.

We have created a warm, intimate feel in our Dining Room which fills with the tantalizing aroma of hot pizza coming from our wood-burning oven and the mouth-watering scent of fresh Roma tomato sauce gently simmering on the stove.

Pi Pizzeria’s lively Bar is Italian-inspired with specialty drinks, liquor, beer and a superb Italian wine list. Our Bartenders are experienced cocktailians with a passion for the art of mixology. The specialty cocktail list is created by bartender Jim Garrels who they are proud to welcome back behind the bar at Pi Pizzeria. Our bar fills up as quickly as our dining room and serves our entire menu.

Visit Pi Pizzeria and Experience a Taste of Naples Italy on Nantucket.


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